HeW is committed to building strong relationships with other clearinghouses in an effort to promote improved industry efficiencies and reduce healthcare costs.

Delivering Solutions to Clearinghouse Partners

HeW's commitment to service stretches across the clearinghouse, payer and provider communities. We believe by working together, we can improve industry efficiencies and reduce health care costs.

HeW is committed to working with other clearinghouses to provide added value to all of our partnerships.

HeW has connectivity to over 1,400 national payers. HeW proactively establishes both exclusive relationships and direct connectivity with payers. HeW has established exclusive relationships with:

  • Allegiance Benefit Plan Management, Inc.
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Montana
  • Employee Benefit Management Services, Inc.
  • Minnesota Department of Health

Rebates available and fees charged to clearinghouses can vary, depending on the transactions and payers involved.

To learn more about establishing a Clearinghouse Partnership, please contact us.