Awesome Trainings

I have participated in 5 trainings (including import, entry, eligibility, remittance/bill secondary, and secondary/professional claims).  I have been able to easily access and download all information, including the training manuals for each training session.  The trainer diligently takes her time when explaining each step and has given clear instructions as to the location on the page in the printed version of the manual while at the same time watch her movements on the computer.  She also covered a small section of information and then asked if I had any questions.

These past trainings have given me the confidence and encouragement to engage in the program.  My new Health Officer is very pleased with my understanding of the program.  I, in turn, have explained to her that it is those of you at HeW that have made it possible for me to achieve my strengths.

We would like to thank you for your kindness, support, and patience in helping us achieve the ability to readily utilize your program and system.  Anyone can learn through your techniques; they just need a little initiative and courage.

Administrative Specialist
Butte-Silver Bow Health Department


Great Company To Work With

HeW is a great company to work with.  The Customer Service department are always there to help with your problems or questions. Also the training personnel are fantastic to work with, they are patient and more than willing to make sure you understand how HeW can make the life of billing a little more user friendly.
As a small CAH hospital you wear many hats so having a company like HeW there to make life a little less stressful is amazing.
Thanks to everyone at HeW!
Office Manager
Garfield County Health Center

Excellent Customer Service

HeW provides excellent customer service.  The representatives are patient and precise while providing stress free resolutions to our billing questions and issues.

Many thanks to the entire staff!

Office Manager
Mid-Hudson Orthopedic Systems


I am the Director at an outpatient facility in Lincoln, Nebraska. We have been with HeW for a little over two years, switched from a clearinghouse after a multitude of not so good experiences and we have been very happy with their work and the responses from staff in regards to our immediate needs and software “wants”. We have experienced an increase in payment % since transitioning to HeW as well as less delay, and time is money.

From the beginning the coordination and effort on behalf of HeW staff was excellent. Their direct care staff really stands out in my mind because I felt taken care of by them and we were on the same page fighting for the same thing, a better experience and better outcome. We accomplished this.

I recently made some significant staffing changes on my end due to issues in my billing department unrelated to HeW, but definitely related to financial concerns. It was at this point that I wanted someone to problem solve with and communicate with to see if there was a better way. I knew what I wanted, but did not know about my options or what other providers have experienced because I was sure I am not the first.

HeW was there and went above and beyond. Not just once, but for a time period of about 3 weeks. I know for a fact they stayed late, prioritized my account (or at least I felt that way), and they provided guidance and options that worked perfect for the problems I was experiencing. I felt valued, and I felt understood…appreciated. I was the customer but I was also a “collaborator” which is often something that administrative staff forgets as many of our daily duties include personnel and business decisions, not being part of a team decision. They asked questions, gathered data, and provided an outcome that worked. It half worked the second week at which point they doubled up and ensured that if fully worked, even starting from scratch at one point never expressing frustration or despair but optimism and genuine concern.

First Step Recovery Center


Bravo to the team!!!

I have been amazed at the complete competence and reliability of the staff at HeW.  Every time I have an issue that I need to resolve, each and every one of the staff has responded with complete knowledge as to how to fix my problem.  I have been in customer service as a managing director for many years and have yet to find a company that employs such competent people.  They are always very willing to help and I never am made to feel like we are the problem. 

I made the mistake several months back of switching to a LARGE clearing house that touted their ability to keep my costs down and that they had amazing customer service.  Well the certainly did have AMAZING customer service.  After many, many emails and phone calls with error upon error and employee incompetency just in setting us up, I realized the error of my ways and continued on with HeW. 

Office Manager
Peak Performance PT


BRAVO Health-e-Web!

Finally customer service that delivers what it promises. You have a wonderful staff full of friendly, knowledgeable people who are eager to help me whenever I call. It is refreshing to work with a company that is aware of their customer's needs and addresses them so thoroughly. Keep up the great work!!

Office Manager
Balanced Care


The Best Way To Go!

This is by far the best way to go for any practice billing claims electronically.  They have friendly service and excellent troubleshooting.  Most of my claims problems have been errors on my part which they were quick to correct.

Red Lodge Chiropractic


Striving Beyond the Competition!

We had a large group that sat through training class this week and the feedback was very positive. Not only did it acknowledge that we truly did pick the best clearing house that fit our needs, but made it very clear that we have started to build a very strong relationship with your organization. Your trainer was very informative, helped us trouble shoot some ongoing issues we previously had with our other vendor and gave us some valuable information in terms of how to get the best out of your product. I was so proud to be able to say we were able to make the transition on our go live date and not have any break or lapse in claims being submitted.

Your staff has been very patient in understanding our needs and taking the extra time with us when needed. Health-e-Web had to have put some serious thought and energy into how you were going to build your program and make it work. Thank you for that..  It’s become very clear why you stand out from the rest of the industry.

Business Office Manager
Physicians Clinic of Spokane


Health-e-Web -- simply the best!

Our office has been partners with Health-e-Web for many years.  In the 11 years I've personally been working with them, they have gone through three software changes.  Those changes have ALWAYS been an improvement, making claim processing easier and more efficient!  I have been very pleased with the entire HeW staff's ability to problem-solve with our office staff on whatever we may need help with.  HeW takes the worry out of sending claims.  Over the years, I have worked with HeW staff to set up scrubbers and filters to simplify our claim processing.  We are to the point where we rarely have to touch claims once they're imported to the clearinghouse, making our office more efficient than ever!  They are always on top of any coding changes, payer ID changes, etc., we just have an email pop up to let us know the latest, so nice!  As a whole, our experience working with Health-e-Web is always pleasant.  They provide superb training in all areas with very detailed easy-to-understand step-by-step instruction manuals.  We couldn't be happier with the services they provide, and have full confidence they are always moving forward to better provide for our office's needs!

They're simply the best!

Insurance Billing Clerk
Montana Eyecare


"...I have been a client of yours and have always been treated with the utmost respect from every employee that I have come into contact with..."


"...has exemplary customer service skills and is extremely efficient..."



"...You all do such a nice job supporting us!  It's so rare nowadays to get this kind of attention and care!  I really appreciate the effort in helping me get up and running on my new systems…"