HeW makes it easy to simplify your business procedures.

Enhance your Revenue Cycle with HeW Expanded Services!

As a HeW client, you are already experiencing the quality and excellent customer service included with HeW Essential Services.  If you are interested in additional tools for your facility, practice, or billing company to improve revenue cycle, efficiency, and patient satisfaction, you may want to consider the HeW suite of Expanded Services.   From insurance eligibility verification to helping patients know they may qualify for charity care, HeW has you covered.

Expanded services are easy to add and come with the same great value and service you've come to expect from HeW.  We've provided information below for you to explore Expanded Services, and if you want more information or decide to add a service to your setting, please contact HeW Support at 1-877-565-5457, option 1, or email at HeWSupport@availity.com.