HeW clearly distinguishes itself from the competition by:

  • Being more adaptive to client needs.  HeW understands unique healthcare settings and provides customized solutions to meet each client's needs, even rural and critical access hospital settings.
  • Providing more direct connectivity to payers.  Twenty five years in the industry has allowed HeW to establish a national network so you get paid faster.
  • Providing unlimited and hassle free custom coding (scrubbers).   No haggling over price, this is simply part of our job.  We do it well and we do it quickly.
  • Providing excellence in customer service.  Always on shore, always a real person.  HeW has averaged a 98% customer satisfaction for the past 5 years.
  • Providing unlimited support and training.  Help is always there at no additional cost.  Training sessions are available for your staff every week, all year long.
  • Providing real measureable results and tools to track progress.   HeW clients experience improved account receivable days, reduced manual processes, and increased efficiency.  Analytical tools make identifying problems and follow up easy.