HIS, EHR & RevenueCycle Management


United & Enhanced

Providing rural and critical access hospitals with advanced tools required to succeed in the dynamic healthcare industry.

HeW, a leader in revenue cycle management and VersaSuite, a leader in adaptive HIS/EHR solutions, have joined together to deliver a combination of software and services, specifically addressing the needs of small, rural hospitals. This is not just about reacting to the needs of today, but understanding patient and industry trends to help you prepare for the future.

Together, HeW and VersaSuite provide more efficient implementations, comprehensive service functionality, improved revenue cycle management performance and greater technological capabilities. Our pricing model is also unique with unprecedented pricing structures and unlimited training and customer support when you need it.

The HeW/VersaSuite partnership guarantees you receive the most appropriate solution for your hospital. Our intent is to enhance your service capabilities by leveraging our combined expertise and helping you improve the health of your facility, your patients and your community.


The ability to operate efficiently is the foundation to providing superior patient care. The largest benefit resulting from the HeW/VersaSuite solution is a significant increase in these core operations including:

  • More accurate and timely processing of claims
  • User-friendly interfaces for hospital management, staff, and patients
  • Increased revenues from primary and secondary claims processing
  • Improved communication with and between vendors and payers
  • Guidance specific to coding and regulatory changes
  • Reduction in IT staffing needs
  • Reallocation of staff resources
  • Ability to meet compliance requirements specific to HIPAA, ACA and MU
With operational efficiencies at work, the hospital is then able to leverage the advanced capabilities of the HeW/VersaSuite solution to address the following challenges:


Increasing patient volume and reducing the number bypassing community hospitals for larger, urban facilities is greatly needed. There are a number of contributors affecting change in patient numbers including: patient satisfaction, service capabilities, perceived privacy and patient education.

Advanced benefits of the HeW/VersaSuite solution include:

  • Define goals and implement best practices not previously available with less flexible systems
  • Marketing support with campaign management, tracking and outreach to promote the hospital more effectively
  • Proactively communicate with patients to keep them informed
  • Greater operational efficiencies allow the hospital to better prepare for the projected influx of Boomer patients in the near future


Staffing in rural hospitals is often a challenge and having the ability to invest in new technology is necessary to provide advanced care for, often remote, rural patients.

Advanced benefits of the HeW/VersaSuite solution include:

  • Information portals enhance capabilities of mid-level practitioners
  • Patient portals provide remote access to information to reduce patient travel
  • Efficient operational processes and reallocation of staff allows money to be invested back into the hospital and new technology
  • With staff focused less on operational tasks, additional time can be given to customer service and patient satisfaction. Creating positive PR for the hospital helps attract more patients and higher-quality staff.


Hospitals face an ongoing struggle to meet and adapt to changes in regulations, certifications and implementation of new standards. Advanced benefits of the HeW/VersaSuite solution include:

  • The combination of payment (RCM) and technology (EHR/HIS) provides comprehensive guidance through the complex regulatory landscape
  • The HeW/VersaSuite solution is constantly evolving to ensure your hospital remains aligned with industry changes
  • Unlimited training and support is provided minimizing the need for intensive hospital IT staff


This solution requires only 120 days for complete implementation. HeW/VersaSuite maintain all existing processes during implementation to ensure no interruption in service. As an option, outsourced hosting is also available upon request, reducing the need to manage technology in house and reliance on staffed IT positions.

The HeW/VersaSuite solution is not just a technology migration; it’s an investment in the future of the hospital, the wellbeing of its patients and the growth of a community.