In preparation for ICD-10 there are many items that a healthcare provider must consider, i.e. staff training for coding and billing, clinical documentation requirements, system testing and possible software upgrades.  CMS and Medicare administrators have been offering free webinars to help in this avenue.  

Please note, HeW will not be converting ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 codes (or vice versa).   HeW encourages you to review the resources available to you that will assist you in cross-walking the ICD-9 codes you are using to the new ICD-10 codes that will be applicable beginning dates of service, October 1, 2015 and after.  These resources are outlined on HeW’s ICD-10 page at www.hewedi.com.  We have also listed two here for your reference that you might find helpful; ICD-10 Code Translator, found on the AAPC web site, and  GEMS system, found on the CMS web site.

Availity ICD-10 Series: We offer online classes, some of which provide continuing education credits, under the "ICD-10 Series" located at the Availity Learning Center.

CMS has made available educational resources under their eHealth University for ICD-10 including some of the following:

Format Information:

  • If you are creating a Print Image (PI) file and are not submitting the approved CMS-1500 form (version 02/12), please check with your software vendor to find out how to acquire the new format ahead of the ICD-10 implementation date.  It accommodates the formatting needs for ICD-10 and expands the number of diagnosis codes that can be reported from 4 to 12.  An updated HeW translation table (data mapping) will be needed for any new PI formats.  ICD-10 test files must contain future dates of service, October 1, 2015 or after, along with ICD-10 codes.  We encourage you to include at least one claim with all 12 diagnosis code fields completed.  Please contact the HeW Support Center for assistance in uploading test files for review.
  • If you are currently creating National Standard Format (NSF) files, you must begin working with your vendors right away as new records will need to be created in your format to support ICD-10 codes.  The professional and institutional versions of NSF do not accommodate for ICD-10.  However, HeW has coded for a new professional record as well as for new institutional records that can be used to report this data.  Please contact HeW for this information then contact your vendor immediately to find out how they intend to implement ICD-10 and if they can accommodate the new records that are needed for ICD-10. Once your vendor has made the changes for ICD-10 please submit a test file for review to ensure that the data is coming over as expected
  • If you are currently submitting ANSI 4010a1 you will need to upgrade to 5010 as the 4010a1 version does not support ICD-10. This includes providers who are using the HeW Software.

Billing Information:

  • The date of service on the claim will determine which diagnosis code set to use. Claims with dates of service prior to October 1, 2015 must contain ICD-9 codes and claims with dates of service after October 1, 2015 must contain ICD-10 codes. Claims cannot contain both ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes


Availity ICD-10 Series: We offer online classes, some of which provide continuing education credits, under the "ICD-10 Series" located at the Availity Learning Center

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  • Converting the Home Health Prospective Mayment System Grouper to ICD-10-CM - 8 minute video