Solutions for a Distinct Set of Challenges

In managing a facility there is an overwhelming amount of information for a hospital or long term care setting to manage.  HeW understands these needs and provides flexible solutions to make your job easier and improve revenue cycle results. 

HeW understands the unique needs of smaller settings, such as rural and Critical Access Hospitals (CAH) better than anyone in the industry.  To learn more about how HeW customizes solutions for rural and CAH settings, please click here.

An important benefit is that HeW can work with any hospital information (HIS) or electronic health record (EHR) system.   This flexibility is augmented by decades of experience providing custom programming solutions to help with limitations of HIS software, or to support special information needs of a particular institutional setting.  

HeW offers a complete line of solutions with patient insight for institutional providers including:

Becoming a HeW partner is easy.  Our experienced staff will work side-by-side with your facility for a seamless and successful transition. Whether you are new to electronic billing or transitioning from another company, HeW has the solutions and experience to help.

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