HeW strives to develop strategic alliances with software vendors, resellers and other industry partners, to simplify business processes and offer comprehensive solutions to our mutual clients.

Get more out of your clearinghouse.

HeW couples its state of the art Revenue Cycle Management and Electronic Data Interchange solutions with a variety of channel partners throughout the healthcare industry. By creating Channel Partnerships, both organizations benefit by enhancing existing product and service offerings, as well as expanding into new markets.

HeW's superior service philosophy is what sets it apart from its competitors. HeW welcomes partnerships with organizations who share a similar service philosophy.

Channel Partnership opportunities are endless! Some areas of focus are:

  • Practice Management Systems
  • Electronic Health Record Systems
  • Service Reseller Arrangements
  • Specialty areas as part of a Revenue Cycle Management solution

HeW offers customized interfaces to seamlessly unite both parties' strengths. As a HIPAA expert, HeW also offers channel partnership opportunities to ensure compliance with the HIPAA 5010 and ICD10 code sets. Together, we can increase efficiency and reduce healthcare costs industry wide.

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