HeW accepts Professional and Institutional Claims.  We also offer Patient Eligibility, Claims Status, and Workers Compensation & Personal Injury claims with attachments.

HeW Payer List

The HeW Payer List, as referred to in our Service Agreements, offers connectivity to thousands of payers nationally for both medical and hospital claims and ERAs.

Sorted Numerically


Do we need to add a payer? Log into the HeW Customer Support Portal or email our Support Center if you cannot locate a payer by either name or payer ID number and would like to submit claims electronically. Please include the payer ID number, the payer name, and the payer address located on the patient card.

Optional Services Payer Lists

Please contact HeW Support at 1-877-565-5457 or via email for more information on these and other optional services.

Eligibility & Claim Status


Workmans Compensation & Personal Injury