Eligibility Verification

HeW’s Eligibility and Benefit Verification solution enables clients and patients to understand benefit entitlements and financial responsibilities.  This solution enables clients to improve self-pay collections and improve account receivable days by preventing denied claims due to coverage gaps.  

HeW clients can validate patient eligibility prior to admission, or rendering services, through the following methods:

  • HeW's browser-based application provides access to benefit information and receives responses to electronic eligibility inquiries directly from health insurance carriers.
  • Batch eligibility verification is a custom solution enabling clients to submit a patient roster from their host system and receive updated eligibility information in a customized format prior to rendering services.
  • Custom interface eligibility verification interfaces with the clients host system to verify patient eligibility.

Click here to download a full brochure.

Availity Patient Access

Availity’s Patient Access solution focuses on the point of service – where it matters most – enabling an increase in patient payments before the patient visit. Learn more.

Patient Statement & Payment Innovation

HeW partners the following vendors to assist clients with their patient statement needs. They save you time, effort and money in printing, processing and mailing your patient statements within 24 hours of receiving your data file.

HeW has partnered with APEX to provide clients innovative statement design and online payment technology.  APEX is a technology-driven, statement processing company that specializes in statement design, electronic delivery and online payment technology, and full print and mail services. APEX services organizations across the nation with award winning technology solutions that simplify the billing process, speed up revenue cycle and improve customer satisfaction. With nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, APEX can offer your facility:

  • Viewing and archiving of mailed statements
  • Online payment for patients and in your business office
  • Securely email reprint requests
  • Decrease cost and increase collections with E-statements
  • HIPAA and SOC 2 compliant

To streamline the process, clients send their statement files to HeW, we convert them into the standard approved format and submit these to APEX.  Contact HeW or download a brochure for more information and experience the APEX advantage!

BillFlash offers HeW clients a discount on basic rates (Reseller ID: 80218).  To learn more about the benefits of using BillFlash, please visit their website at

Claim Status Verification

HeW’s claim status solution enables you to verify the status of a claim in the adjudication system with participating payers.  HeW supports the ANSI 276/277 transaction in real-time or batch mode.  This service enables clients to determine payment or denial decisions in a more efficient and timely fashion.